Practical help

You may be a little apprehensive about all the red tape involved in starting a business. You shouldn’t worry as we have helped hundreds of business owners through this process. Some have gone on to make millions for their owners, others enough to support their family and lifestyle.

We offer

  • free first meeting – where we will talk through the first few critical steps involved in setting up your business and on how to minimize the tax you pay.
  • fixed annual fee – we will agree a fixed fee with you for all the services you need so you can control your costs.
  • legal structure – we will advise you on the best legal structure for your circumstances. This could be a limited company, LLP or traditional partnership or sole trader business.

Above all, you will have confidence that you have expert people helping you get started.

  • Steve Williams
    Steve Williams BSc FCA Partner View Profile
  • Steve Turner
    Steve Turner BA(Hons) FCA Corporate Services Manager View Profile
  • Rachel Lightfoot
    Rachel Lightfoot BSc ACA Corporate Services Manager View Profile
  • Lorraine Williams
    Lorraine Williams BA(Hons) FCCA Corporate Services Manager View Profile