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Employee Pensions

The new Auto Enrolment rules mean that most business owners will need to contribute to a pension scheme set up for their employees. All employees will need to be enrolled if they: Are aged between 22 and State Pension age Earn more than £10,000 per year Work in the UK Employees will be permitted to… Read more »

Protecting your family

As you work the long hours needed to build your business and family wealth you will begin to start thinking how do I protect what I have worked so hard for. Structuring your business Our Chartered Accountants and financial advisers will help you consider all the risks and how you can protect your family’s wealth…. Read more »

Managing your wealth

If you have built significant wealth through your working life or from selling your business you will want to place these funds in a secure investment environment. People you can trust You will want to work with people you already trust to have your best interests at heart. Murray Smith’s advisers will work with you… Read more »

Saving for your retirement

We commit to giving you clear and fully independent advice on how you can best save for your retirement. Saving through a pension fund has considerable tax advantages and there are many different types of investments which you can include in your pension pot. If you want to have close control over your pension investments… Read more »

Reducing inheritance tax

Inheritance tax is payable at 40% on estates over the value of £325,000. However there are many reliefs and tax planning advice is essential if you believe that your estate will exceed this amount. Transfer of nil rate band It is important to know that any of the nil-rate band (£325,000) which is not used… Read more »

Tax on the sale of your business

Governments over the last few years have tried to encourage an entrepreneurial society by introducing generous tax reliefs on business sales.   Making sure you qualify You cannot wait until just before you sell your business to check if you qualify for the relevant tax reliefs. The business and its shareholders or partners will need… Read more »

Reducing Inheritance tax

Reducing Inheritance tax on your farm Inheritance tax is charged at 40% on estates valued over £325,000 and so for many farming families it is critical that they make sure their assets qualify for the reliefs available. Agricultural Property Relief You will already have heard that Agricultural Property Relief is available to protect farms from… Read more »