There are many areas you need to work on to successfully grow your business.

Early on you will recognise that you can’t do everything yourself and that you need good people both inside and outside the business to help you to achieve your objectives. You need to build a team that includes expertise in marketing, product development and finance. Murray Smith can provide the external support to help you build a strong finance function.

Your Murray Smith team

We provide your business with a highly experienced and professional finance team that has helped many entrepreneurs to build strong and profitable businesses. Your Murray Smith Partner will provide you with key strategic advice and help you to keep your finances on a sound footing.

Your Murray Smith Accounts Manager will be a fully qualified accountant responsible for a portfolio of clients similar to you. Your Manager will make sure that all your financial systems are working effectively and that the information they produce is accurate and enables you to control and grow the business.

Your growth strategy

To successfully grow your business you need to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy. We can help you throughout this process with practical advice and guidance on the process you need to go through and the monitoring systems you need to put in place.