As you work the long hours needed to build your business and family wealth you will begin to start thinking how do I protect what I have worked so hard for.

Structuring your business

Our Chartered Accountants and financial advisers will help you consider all the risks and how you can protect your family’s wealth. The first step is to make sure you have the right business structure so that if anything goes wrong the assets and wealth that you have built up is ring fenced as far as possible.

Life cover

We also need to help you select appropriate insurance, for example to cover life and critical illness. This can prove surprisingly inexpensive but give considerable peace of mind that your family will always be well provided for.

Cross option agreements

If you are in a partnership or have a fellow shareholder you need to consider what happens if one of you dies. Cross option agreements, supported by life insurance policies, provide funds and a mechanism for the surviving partner to buy the deceased’s share of the business. The lack of such an agreement can often lead to disputes between the surviving partner and the deceased’s beneficiaries.