Governments over the last few years have tried to encourage an entrepreneurial society by introducing generous tax reliefs on business sales.


Making sure you qualify

You cannot wait until just before you sell your business to check if you qualify for the relevant tax reliefs. The business and its shareholders or partners will need to satisfy a number of criteria in the months and years leading up to the sale.

Murray Smith’s partners and managers will advise you on the actions you need to take to make sure that your business will qualify for Entrepreneur’s Relief and any other tax saving advantages. This advice starts with designing the original business structure, then maintaining qualification throughout the years and making sure that the final business sale is properly structured.

Sales contract

You may have agreed the basic terms of the sale, but many issues can arise during the sales process that can affect the after tax amount you receive from the sale. We can help you agree some formal “Heads of Terms” before you go to the expense of instructing solicitors, ensuring that the terms give you the best possible tax treatment. We will then work with your solicitors to make sure that the “Sale and Purchase Agreement” is appropriately worded.